Mossberg 930 Rhythm Review - 12+1 SHTF Shotgun Guns

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John Strat: 12 + 1 of 2 3/4" shells or 3" shells?

crazedchef5169: Had no clue what this was, saw it for sale on Gunbroker and won it with the minimum bid of $660! Happy! Get it next week!

BrianS1970: Nice, I like the new colored semi- shotguns, they look so much friendlier, people gather and want to touch and talk about it, while fearing the same exact thing in black.

NukaSoldier: Absolutely, and it shoots them far!

bomb2themaximum: Hello nuka thanks for the review I appreciate it as I really want this model, I do have a question though because I don't really understand the accuchoke, it is adjustable correct so you can shoot slugs out of it right?

MegaBrad83: my first shotgun is a mossberg 500 20 gauge pump turkey

MegaBrad83: im a new sub plz make more vids im 14 and just got my first shotgun love the rhthym btw

MrSteveBrah: Also, if you put the Orange plug in your barrel, go to chamber a round leave it in the chamber blocked by the Orange plug and then hit the release button and you don't have to hold it open with your thumb

Matthew7-24MonteCarlo24-7: 13+1 If You Learn How To Ghost Load!!!

NukaSoldier: Yes, the Mossberg 930 rhythm can be used in hunting. I've seen a video of one shooting a slug about 100 yards away if not more. However, It is front heavy, more so than your average shotgun due to the 28" barrel and extended tube. The tube looks swappable; wont know till I try it out though. Thanks for watching!

UncleSiam: Thank you very much for a Flanigan 930 review finally! I've been concentrating on getting a 930 for home defense, recreational shooting and SHTF hunting/survival. I really want the new series with the chrome/stainless steel magazine and gas piston. The JM Pro series is VERY hard to find and I've bout given up. The Flanigan gives you the super long barrel that you can use for hunting? Lowers recoil, increases accuracy as well as a super long magazine tube. I can swap out the barrel/tube?
Mossberg 930 Rhythm Review - 12+1 SHTF Shotgun Guns 5 out of 5

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Mossberg 930 Rhythm Review - 12+1 SHTF Shotgun Guns