PS3 Slim Not Reading Disk Laser Replacement

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texascommtech: AlwaysAfix: You are an excellent bench tech. I admire your patience with people most of all. I get quite pissed when people ask questions that are answered if they would have watched and LISTENED to the video. Also, SO many problems could have been prevented if they had just taken proper care of their unit to begin with. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Good job! I would hire you in a heartbeat!

Alinutz Alin: Mine has the problem that it doesn't eat the disk anymore, at first did, tried to repair it, it didn't eat it anymore, and I don't have those Talk Screws or whatever, any improvisation ? i have the talk screws but something like a metal tip sticks out and i can't put it in..

It'zwheelz: u guys just buy games on ps3

MO NiNjA: I have to re insert my discs in order for my ps3 to read it the freak.

Dawson Luciano: my ps3 can read other discs but one specific disc do i have to do anything different?

Tharun ramachandran: my ps3 is not allowing the disc inside.i doubted whether some disc is inside and pressed the eject button,but nothing happened.when i switched on the ps3,it shows that there is no disc problem is it is not allowing the disc inside or can u tell me whether this problem is major or can i fix this myself????please do reply.

Kou Vang: if I replace the whole drive with the laser, will I still have my downloaded games on it

parglefod: This video is very helpful. I first decided that my PS3 was out of warranty and maybe it would be time to upgrade to a PS4 in the event this didn't work. A super-small flat head worked okay to unscrew the 3 security screws. I took the PS3 apart per the video directions (just to make sure I could) and got the laser name off of the deck. KEM-450AAA. I reassembled the PS3 without issue, except I did forget to put the magnet 3:57 back on top in the drive. I noticed the magnet was laying to the side after I got the drive put back together. Just more practice when I took the drive back apart and put the magnet back on. I received an actual security screwdriver with the new laser I ordered. I just took my time and made sure to put all the screws in particular places so I did not lose or misplace any. I have quite a few PS3 games and blu-ray movies! Glad this worked, thanks for the vid-

J0n35y172: Hi, if I changed the drive and it still doest read the disc just attempts to read then fake ejects the disc, what else could the problem be? ps3 slim 120gb,. Thanks

David Halligan: Excellent video! Nice job! Are you South African? You're accent sounds South African.

Stormy Killer: My ps3 has a weird problem because once i remember it told me to restore corrupted data something like that and i accepted it and when the loading was done I was trying to play my discs but it won't read and when im trying to take out the disc it still loads and later on it takes out the disc and i tried with all of my games and none of them works and last time it worked perfect was when i used it in my other tg since then i can't play games so should i replace my laser or?

Adam Higgins: hey, my ps3 is having a similar problem. when i put a game in, i can hear it spinning and then it will stop and then keep trying to load the game over and over. if i remove the disc and re enter it, eventually it loads the game but i have to take it out and put it in again about 10 times for it to load. the problem happens with all game discs, none are scratched or broken. the console plays CD's and DVD's fine. I have already tried to restore the system also. any suggestions? @alwaysafix

KidTV GAMING: Same happens to mine

TheGreatBlackLion: I have no experience or skill to fix my console on my own and I wish mine didn't have problems reading my game discs.When I put a game disc in the disc drive,it makes a weird noise and it doesn't read the game.I have a PS3 slim,but probably a different model than the one you had in your video.

thabutcha990: i tried to fix my ps3 and the spring flew out so il probly throw it all away if i cant figure out how to put it back wish me luck

KidTV GAMING: Alwaysafix can you please help me when I put in a game it makes a noise!!

nico xenidis: hi my ps3 slim is not like your and it wont spinning the disc the model is cech2504a

SEGA 1989 tendo: hi i need some advise please. UPDATE BELOW

i recently bought a used 160gb ps3 slim model CECH -2003A and have had a good few days playing gran turismo 5 with no problems my problem is that the disc icon on the menu doesn't show up when i try to play another game, only once or twice has another disc worked, discs would read for 10 seconds then the console would make a sound like i pressed the eject button the disc doesn't come out though.

I did receive the console with dust on it with a fair bit on the button panel right next to where you insert your discs. With gran truismo 5 working every single time could it be the lens is just dirty or could the lens be on its way out? the console hasn't been opened


i seen your other reply's so i thought id try dvd's, after turning the console on i thought i show what the console was doing to my family. With the console cool from just being turned on all of the discs now appeared on the menu which now turns my problem to overheating.
i'm guessing the console should be opened asap the back and bottom of the console does get quite hot while the top gets warm. In the future would it help if i placed a wooden block in each corner to stop heat build up between the bottom of console and the shelf + having a fan behind the console?

Onur Koltuk: Hİ. I want to ask a question about my ps 3 when ı try to turn on my ps 3 it cant see game in bluray drive but ı already put a game in it what should i do ?

Jesse Burk: where do you purchase your parts from? Ebay? amazon? newegg?
PS3 Slim not reading disk Laser replacement 5 out of 5

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PS3 Slim not reading disk Laser replacement