Canon SX50 Vs SX40 Zoom Test - Bald Eagles

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Canon SX50 vs SX40 Zoom Test - Bald Eagles
Canon SX50 vs SX40 Zoom Test - Bald Eagles
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Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Unboxing. Review. First Look and Video & Picture Test
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Canon SX50 HS vs SX40 HS
Canon SX50 vs. SX40
Canon SX50 vs. SX40

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szaki: I have the SX40, not sure if it's worth the upgrade for the sx50, unless it breaks?
I do casual photography.
Remote control would be nice, asking too much, dear Canon? LOL!

Andrew Fitzgerald: Good Job... I have the Canon SX50 camera and have done some zoom test videos...take a look when you have the time...

Andrew Fitzgerald: Nice video...superb birds

ALIN ZAHARIE: What's that sound at 0:51?

adrianTNT: The video looks a bit washed out, can you tell me if the original is like that too? I wonder if lens hood would make it look better.

mickcracker: I've used this camera for recent grizzly bear footage on my channel. Check it out!

driverstorer: the description is devoted to that information. cheers!

David Duran: Hey Guys, love the review. Where is the location of the Bald Eagles shot at? This is a really nifty camera.

Abszolájte: Hello Canon Powershot SX50 I'm such a camera buy. Can you do a special video from the 50's? Thank!

JohnJ512: The Biggest Sun in the Universe. 1 Billion time larger then our own Sun. "Real Truth" Cope & paste this to Youtube: Largest star ever discovered, compared to our Sun. Can "Canon Powershot SX50 HS see it? VY Canis Majoris which is 1000,000,000 time bigger that our Sun. Pls download your Planet Jupiter & Moons video onto Youtube video for Million of viewer to view. Can Canon Powershot SX50 see it? The Whole world, want to See Planet Video World consumer minimum requirement in 2013.

concho195: Anyone. Is sx50 compatible with vista basic?

LesleytheBirdNerd: Why does mine have this loud feed back noise when I zoom out? If the lens is not zoomed out there is no noise it only happens once I zoom out in the slightest. Sounds like there is near by rushing water, is this normal? I only bought this a week ago any help would be great

paperjeepsdotcom: first off, the digital zoom on these cameras is much better than the inferior cameras of the past, but of course you still won't get print quality photos at 100% size in photoshop. However, very fun to play with in open areas and photos look sharp enough for sharing online, which is what many people solely use a camera for nowadays. i would really miss the digital zoom on this particular camera. ive taken print quality pics at full optical zoom without a tripod as well, great cameras.

Thokko: Digitally zoomed photos look absolutely horrible! Canon and other makers should stop making the digtal zoom function! I get 50 times better image quality with a 0.95 megapixel Sony digital camera from 1999 than any digitally zoomed photo! Digital Zoom should be DEAD such as the megapixel craze from the early to mid 2000's.

MikedieONE: sorry but you talk bullcrap. im sure you DONT have the SX50. Because i follow tests about it in many forums(not only by testpages but also by normal people). And the Result is, the SX50 is superior to the FZ200 by far! for example the FZ200 has the same Noise result in ISO 400 like the SX50 has in ISO1600! You cant even compare the SX30 here. it was crap. the SX30 had horrible noise results and very bad CA. but infact the SX30 had a totaly different sensor (CCD) and no UD elements on the lens.

MikedieONE: dude... the aperture has nothing to do with the image quality in this case -.- beside the SX40 has F2.7 check out this review: techradar. com/reviews/cameras-and-camcorders/cameras/compact-cameras/canon-powershot-sx50-hs-1098217/review/5#articleContent (delete the space before the .com) There you can see how supperior the SX50 is in terms of Imageqaulity (Noise performence, Dynamic range) in both RAW and JPEG! Its a fact!

JoeSzilagy: I'll likely keep my SX40 as a spare (rather than take a big loss in selling it), and get the SX50 for at least a few reasons. Along with the bigger zoom (and even a little differance can be a lot in some cases), the RAW and steadier image stabilization, are worth it alone! Think I'll wait for sale prices just before Christmas though, or next Fall when they lower the price to make way for what- a 60X zoom and mic input?!

MikedieONE: nope its not. SX40/sx50 still has better image quality than the FZ200. especially at higher iso levels.

driverstorer: Check out /user/DigitalMediaProTV for more in-depth reviews and functions of the camera. Thanks for watching!

Charity Lu Lu: That eagle has nice hair ! Not bald lol!
Canon SX50 vs SX40 Zoom Test - Bald Eagles 5 out of 5

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Canon SX50 vs SX40 Zoom Test - Bald Eagles