GW2 Necromancer PVP Tips/Build/Duels In WvW

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GW2 Necromancer PVP Tips/Build/Duels in WvW
GW2 Necromancer PVP Tips/Build/Duels in WvW
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Maroš: good vid...btw IT IS "THEIR" not "thier" man :D

ErunameTinuviel: Thanks for this. I took different runes than you into sPvP (toughness/CD) but I did quite well for my first proper foray into pvp. I also loved near the end of the video where you took out the 3 gankers. That was awesome. :D

Svjatoslavs Krasnikovs: in soviet russia 240p was HD..

omgstoptakingnames: what are your trinkets, it's too blurry

Xanas007: If you uesd a power D/D build like me and staff as 2nd, would it be just as efficient to go vit/tough/power (crit from trait 15-curse and sigils)??? And should I go for crit dmg, or more surviveability? And thanks for the video, and comment by "marcosvillanustre" about: "DS scales with vitality), didn't know that hah :)

nottheonlysinner: I suck so bad at this game...

mjbrands: Considering that Necros have no burning abilities, why would you use Rune of the Forge (Toughness + Burn duration) over Rune of the Dolyak which provides Toughness, Vitality and Health Regen? If you're primarily looking for survivability (which I agree with) Rune of the Dolyak is definitely superior to Forge

Anh Vũ Nguyễn: My tailor was reach 400 today and i want to crafting for myself a exotic armor set .I want to ask what stats of the armor can fit with this build ? Carrion or something else ?

Davy jones: Nice info. I was wondering what order do u use each skill?

Wickedfriar: Very Good, do you have more in this build? sPVP and "Into the Mist style Build upload? I don't have any of the High 80 gear yet, what do you recommend with runes and all if just using the basic gear? Thanks again.

Dimitri Trippenbach: The more I look this video, the more I wanna start playing my Necromancer again. But still, in WvWvW & sPvP the Necro is outplayed by condition Thieves, Rangers & even Engineer.. Seriously :/

TheStarflyer1: i like it. gotta though that thief never used his steal on you... thats my biggest problem with thieves... why the heck did anet make it so that the necro has the weakest fear in the game.....

DarkStar_Blizzard: After reading all the reviews on how bad the necromancer is, I'm so happy to know I haven't been wasting my time leveling a worthless character. This freaking thing is a phenom.

Ill Robert: can you please tell us what sigils you use on the weapons ? Thank you. Also, description needs to be corrected. It still says 2500 toughness, and that confuses people. Great build, tested it on 31th of January, trying to do the monthly 50 kills and completed it in less then 2-3 hours, with no experience in WvW whatsoever... Failed the monthly achievement because of the damn 30 puzzles tho xD. Peace

Tom Løkken: Aye, i agree. Let me know if you come up with any ideas for this in SPVP then. Ill post a vid to if i get something decent together. Thanks mate :)

Marcos Rubb: pretty much man, one of the main reasons SPVP is in the state it is in now, theres not enough customization, I am still trying to experiment and find a build such as this in SPVP and wind up with bunker necro builds that arent as powerful as this is

Tom Løkken: How do you use this in spvp with as much success as in wvw? Since the shaman amulet gives toughness instead of vitality. And agains good d/d ele's.. You dont dish out enough dmg to take them down, the fight just goes on and on. And you lose, and the bunker ele wins. At least in my case with this build in sPvP. Any ideas?

Marcos Rubb: it doesnt? when i click it it works... hmm.. 0/10/30/10/20. focusing on survivablity, staff traits, and soul marks in the bottom trait line.

Toversnol: How would you gear your necromancer with this build in sPvP? and do you keep the same traits?

Toversnol: the link doesnt work.
GW2 Necromancer PVP Tips/Build/Duels in WvW 5 out of 5

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GW2 Necromancer PVP Tips/Build/Duels in WvW