How To Make An Air Rifle Spring Compressor

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Jet Valmonte: Thanks for the video, your design makes sense and looks good.

Bill Holcomb: Anyone who can't understand this compressor and it purpose really will end up getting hurt one day. Yes it can be done without a nice compressor but why take the chances of hurting your self. Slow down cowboys and do a job that you will be proud of down the road. Yes this is simple, and very simple inexpensive way to keep you safe maybe save one of you fingers or keep something from flying into your body and yes could even cause death. I feel this young man has taken a great deal of thought and time to help anyone who needs to work on the air gun. If you can not see the need for this home made produce or a simular unit. Please do your self a favor, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WORK ON YOU OWN AIR GUN!

Malek Gonsn: fakkkj

Styles2304: aptitude*

marmidence: This is a poor video

Joe doe: BUT does it work?

Let's see it in operation.

Istvan Savanya: I can not nothing see

Tystick757: great job!!!

Michael Carroll: You guys are getting way to complicated in your designs of these things. The springs on these are not that strong, that you need a huge clamp like that. All you need is a pipe clamp, and a pipe. Bessey - PC34 - Pipe Clamps Style: Traditional Pipe Size (Inch): 3/4.|dc&cid=PLA-Google-PLA+-+Test_sJXegN7a0_PLA__15557577904_c_S&026=-99&025=c&item=9084806. I am sure you can get them cheaper, but getting crazy trying to cut c clamps apart is a waste of time and money. On mine which shoots over 1200fps, so the average sized spring, i can compress the spring with my hand. When i first watched all these videos about cutting c clamps you guys made me think that these rifles had some serious pressure on the spring, which isnt true at all. I am not a very strong guy i only weight 150, and benchpress my weight. If you had a strong guy i am saying he could do this with out even a clamp.

Just buy that 20 dollar pipe clamp, and a cheap pipe and your good to go. I also dont recommend leaving the barrel attached to the chamber ethier, it is just not a good idea, and makes it harder.

RimfireRat: " 2 diplomas in technical fields and a few years of experience" ~~~and you never padded the areas your gun rested or counter sunk any screws,

Joel Goodwin: Obviosly you dont know what your talking about because there is no retaining clip in the rear of the compression tube moron... Watch the reassembly before making youself look like a complete idiot, thanks...

phantomshtter: These don't make any sense, so once you have compressed your spring back into the housing with the clamp how do you reinstall the retainer pin with a C clamp pressing on the end of the spring?

phantomshtter: You could have just counter sunk the U bolt holes on the under side of the base.

MrMudNugget: Damn kids and their tools. In MY day we used to carve hammers out of fallen trees with cabbage.

Sallehin Taib: stupid video

mamish mamishi: Great job, very innovative . I was thinking about building one, and I just happen to find yours. Thank you, Nick.

Sallehin Taib: sooooo boooring

XSkyCrafter: Very useful! Thanks

Math J: Good Job Man

Joel Goodz: Of course you don't NEED one... But it is much easier, faster and much safer with one. I have used this many times, work for most spring power guns. Its better to have something and not need it than need it and not have it... And good luck installing your lock pin and trigger assembly with a "cup type deal" over the back end of the compression tube lol
How To Make An Air Rifle Spring Compressor 5 out of 5

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How To Make An Air Rifle Spring Compressor