Hub Buster

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Hub Buster
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roddy southwick: well no crap a hammer will break it free, you need a shocking force exerted on it not a constant

fabio40: "Prove or disapprove...". LOL! It's "prove or disprove" buddy.

Muzik Michael: Where can we get a Slump Buster from when we have a bad day working on a car.??

Dillan Thomas: This man is a bald face liar! He broke the rear bearing in half with his ridiculous tool, MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO INSTALL THE NEW BEARING!!!! he says it saved time?? No, it just increased the time needed my a order of magnitude! lol. Now the knuckle has to be removed and put in a press to get the remnants of the old bearing out. What a gong show. This guy is a snake oil salesman. The fact he actually shows the broken parts left on the car tells me he simply knows NOTHING.

strake750: There's no way I'd use that tool on any motor of mine...

SconsinJoe: This tool is useless if youve hammered on the hub so much that the bearing assembly crumbles before your eyes and all you have left is the housing still fused to the knuckle. now what?

tanveer khan: this guy is nuts he should be no where near a car

zippy: Never hold up a car with cement blocks, never !

zippy: Looks like that tool has a good chance of breaking steering and front end parts.

Anthony Jones: What do you think the extra holes between the stubs are for. Lmao

Travis Terrell: so stupid should have the nut on the axle so the hub don't fly off kill u. and a good sledge will knock it right out

World: Tread Buster

mreid08: Bullcrap, that was a easy job. Let's see a 10 year old RAM 3500 4x4 front bearing and this tool,,,,, the bearing will win!!

Eddie Duran: air hammer chisel around the hub,if this don't work,put the bolts that hold the hub,use air hammer it will work all the time........done so many


ChayD: I think I'll just stick with the good 'ol tried and tested slide hammer.

Franneh Bofanneh: No longer in business?

First remove the wheel.
Spray some penetrating (PB Blaster) on, really soak up the areas where the hub mounts, and let it sit for half an hour.
Loosening all the bolts first then put the wheel on and use the leverage of the tire by putting a block of wood between the wheel and frame, turn the steering wheel to POP the hub loose.

Clearanceman2: I don't think I'd jack up the whole corner on two wheel studs.

kickyerass: It's all physics, people. Leverage is crucial. And it's freakin' amazing. If that dumb bastid put a long, heavy iron pipe or bar in that silly "tool" ( in the box tube), or even another much lomger square stock tube that would fit inside... he could have saved WHACKING on precision components. And he would be eliminating the risk of smashing his vehicle if he SUCKED at swingin' a hammer - or if his hammer's head flew the freak off and killed his dog, and he'd lessen the likeliness that he'd get carpal tunnel syndrome.

One of the best tools for these tough jobs is a crow bar. A crow bar is about 5' - 6' long, and is as strong as freak. If there's nothing to pry against or no way to find a pinch point, then re-installing the tire may be the best way to utilize the bar. Anyone who uses a vehicle lift regularly, and has experienced wheels frozen (rusted) onto rear brake hubs or axle hubs.. knows to pry them off from behind with a crow bar. But then, a sledge hammer works too, but they are dangerous if you are whacking the tire itself, as the bounceback off the inflated rubber is lethal.

BTW, I once pulled into Tire Warehouse (where you would do the wheel r&r - off from and back onto the vehicle yourself, and they would do the tire r&r - w/ the wheels), bought my tires, then couldn't get my front wheels off my 4x4 truck. As a raving (mad) genius carpenter, I grabbed my pitch bar (a 2' - 3' wrecking bar with two different bends at either end commonly used by construction workers) out of the back of the truck, and turned my wheels sharply one way so as to affix the bar behind one wheel and have it set behind the lower a-frame. Then I got back in the truck and turned my steering wheel until the wheel fell onto the ground. Then repeated the process on the other side. It took me about two minutes. They came off like BUTTER. The big cheese who worked there everyday saw this and said it was the most brilliant thing he'd ever seen. Smart as a pig pissing. I told him I got 110 on every physics test I ever took. (extra points too). Piece of cake.

What's all this talk about foodstuffs? I don't know; maybe cuz I'm freakin' hungry right now. LMAO

sithlordst32: I took an old brake disc and bolted it in place over the hub but with the inside facing out. That gives you sort of a "flange" to pound on with a hammer. It took me 3 good whacks to take it off. Easy as that and didn't have to buy an expensive tool. The hub was fused solid due to winter driving in Canada.
Hub Buster 5 out of 5

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