Hub Buster

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Hub Buster
Hub Buster
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mallarysangel: 39 seconds. But in fairness you do move like a turtle turtle.

gimik2: Try not to hit the side of the car with that sledge hammer.

deepcritik: wouldn't putting a tire and wheel back then kick one side of tire do the same thing? just thinking...

Jon LeBatard: He jacked it right off...the blocks. 01:54 Amazing.

George Waldron: What a great idea for a tough job. Brovo.

skypilot0077: Total hack job here folk.

Hurst Shiftin: freak I needed a good laugh watching that bearing come flying off was like seeing the northern lights

Marcus “techknight” Zizzo: rather put my crap in a press lol

Martin Decoste: Man Good Idea !!! I make my own today !!! Tanks very usefull !!!

pavel1809: now put it back together lol

sexybologna111: What's this go for? I'm from Rochester!!!! Wooohoooo

Pyro17059: This is fine if your planning on replacing the bearing anyway. If your going in to replace something else and plan to re-use the bearing, plan for if to fail shortly after.

My Damn Channel: HAHA cute tool. Try this crap on a 1 ton 4x4 axle like on my 3500 Dodge Ram. That tool will probably break

David Sonn: IT WORKS!!!

The rear hub on my 2001 Bonneville SSEI was welded to the knuckle from rust and corrosion due to dissimilar metals.
I tried all my normal tricks and even tried a few new ones I saw online. Nothing was working. Then, I saw this video and realized that the torque forces this tool utilizes are all in the correction direction and axis.

I went outside, put a pipe wrench directly onto the top of the bearing hub and in two whacks with a mallet, that miserable hub broke free.

Great invention, the physics of the tool are impeccable. If I did this for a living, I would thank you with a purchase. Cheers!

Im 4Real: Email does NOT work. What is up? How can I purchase locally in AZ?

BEAKER UNREFINED: 1:57, "there must be over 2000 lbs of force on that jack" even though that particular corner only weighs about 1100 lbs.

Danny Scarborough: How do you get hub bearing assembly off the spindle when it is frozen.   wheel puller don't work, heat doesn't work  what next

Ryan Lowe: Could just make your own simple design


Billy B: B&V Automotive here in cold ass Decatur Illinois... We have been killing ourselfs on a rear hub and bearing assembly on this damn 08 Cadillac cts4... Tried everything... This looks like the best one yet so we are taking 20min to build something as close as possible to this HUB GRABBER! WISH US LUCK, Ill let you no in about 20min how it turns out for us
Hub Buster 5 out of 5

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Hub Buster