Hub Buster

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Hub Buster
Hub Buster
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James Schultz: Were to get one email address is no good

Matthew Murphy: Snap on air hammer and done by the time his lugs we snug. Best tool from my experience. Sometimes on really rusty trucks two air hammers could be used, one on each side. Must be good hammer preferably ph3050.

Jay's Garage Raleigh: Reading the negative comments on here. Obviously some of you haven't run into a rusted hub. I had a dodge ram 2500 with hubs that were seized on. I have a nice slide hammer and it wouldn't budge it. I heated it, hit it, pb blaster and nothing. I would've gladly paid for this tool if it works as demonstrated

derpie2000: I'd like to order one , do you still sell them?

Montrose Patriot: I used a derelict brake rotor which I located in an O'Reillys dumpster and a sledgehammer when extractin a hub assembly on a Jeep Grand Cherokee - ended up using antisieze on the threads and hub bore

Thomas Thompson: How can I get one ASAP

Ryan Richards: You've invented something that we don't need. It's called a slide hammer, and it works better. 

Jessica Wisniewski: tool wont work if the bearings bad enough that the spindle has pulled out (once you pull the axle nut). had that yesterday on my '98 Z24. popped the axle out of the spindle with a tap from a rubber mallet, and the spindle fell out onto the ground.

scheper: I am not a mechanic I do need serious help my ford f150 light duty half ton is apart as far as cap is off one nut left and bearings nut will not come off turning to left or right just gets tight

shonozl: what the freak he has no idea what he is doing.  the whole hub assembly sits in the seat and hitting it like that will break it as he did and just cause a huge mess. I like how they did not show taking out the broken bearing

Rhonda h: How do u order one

revontheredline2: Hope you guys got a patent started on that tool, I see many other tool companies selling one similar to your tool, Matco is one of them.


coldcash12345: Some of you must not live in the north where there is snow and salt. They really get stuck in there and become really difficult to remove even with heat, air hammers, and specialty tools.

Dave Sokacz: So yes this tool and technique is a bit "caveman", but honestly....If you are removing and replacing the hub/bearing, who gives crap if it damages the hub, the bearing or the lugs? I just want that damn thing off fast and easy.   I just went through this on my 2006 Equinox in my driveway with basic hand and air tools and this bastard wouldn't budge. After an hour of spinning,banging and prying on the hub; constructing various pipe/extension/bolt-on contraptions, AND throwing my back out in the process, I finally popped the damn thing out.  I cleaned up the inside of the spindle with a die grinder/wire wheel, coated the new hub with anti seize, and reassembled everything in a snap. I would have been more than happy to whack that sucker out with one hit, and so would anyone else in the same circumstance. Now if I had to re-use the original hub, I'm sure I would have to go about things a little differently.......
Just Sayin'...............

Joseph Montalbano: I have a 1999 GMC Sierra 2wd 1500 series truck and im dealing with this exact same issue. I have used a variety of techniques ranging from: Map gas torch, pb blaster, Cold Chisel, Hammers of different sizes and last but not least using disposible sockets to try to create a hydralic press. The end result is the same. The wheel bearing hub assembly on the front passenger side of my truck is siezed on. Since it is a 2wd truck there is no axle nut which creates more frustration for me. I watched this video and if I am convinced this works. Yes I might spend $80 or so bucks for a new knuckle but I won't have to worry about this issue for a long time to come. Is there a website that sells this particular product? If so I would be intrested in learning more. Thank you! I hope I get a timely and helpful response!

tjswan0: great job thanks.

B Ann: I liked the 2000 lbs on the jack part.
That means the little GM car weighs about 8000 lbs .
Looks easy enough to make but its easier to just grab my 10 lb slide hammer with the axle adapter.

ScottysDetailing: Why don't you just put on the wheel and yank on that??

tanya bolton (tannie): when using the sledge hammer you could dent the fenders, so be careful.
 Did the rear brake shoes get damaged at all?
Hub Buster 5 out of 5

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