Removing A Rounded Bolt Or Nut

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How To Remove Rounded Nuts And Bolts
How To Remove Rounded Nuts And Bolts
How to remove a rounded nut or bolt- 5 different ways
How to remove a rounded nut or bolt- 5 different ways
How to Remove a Rounded Nut or Bolt
How to Remove a Rounded Nut or Bolt
Removing a rounded bolt or nut
Removing a rounded bolt or nut
How to Remove a Stripped Bolt or Nut in a Tight Spot
How to Remove a Stripped Bolt or Nut in a Tight Spot

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Ken Johnson: very good video.I learn something every day!

John Meadows: Thanks

wafrederick: I have several sets of them including a deepwell set.Saved my butt a lot removing rounded off,rusty and corroded nuts and bolts a lot.This includes exhaust manifold bolts which a regular socket will not fit on anymore.I have one Matco set that looks like a regular socket and are made for removal of rusty and corroded,rounded off bolts.It does work.

Sales Cow: A brake caliper bracket on my car has rounded bolts on it. I was planning on grinding them off but decided to check Youtube first. I'm going to try this instead! Thanks for taking your time to post this :-)

Carol B: your camera guy is a jack ass

Slappy Fistwad: here's my god damn solution:
1) take a new hex nut, stick it on the bolt
B) Then, weld that sucker on the bolt.
4) let it cool down
5) get a impact gun and go to town!

Damien Daragon: Would this work on an anchor bolt at the back of a Vw T5 van? The spline nuts found in the back of a panel, the last one is totally rounded out!

Andrei Be: Hey, got a 12mm bolt stuck in my break caliper, so I dont have much room to work with besides whats in my wheel well. I got one of these kits and i try to grab the nut, but it wont grip, any idea? The bolt head is rounded off

GraveD1gger: They didn't work for me just kept eating at the bolt head and falling off

Justin Fisher: ok i have a rounded headbolt last bolt on head on v6 engine, it has rounded if I used a 12point socket on well,I went to advance auto bought there kit,did not work it's a 12mm,head bolt used a breakerbar,pb blaster no budge,please give me some ideas or better rounded bolt extractor to get I need 12mm,metric I have no impact any ideas PLEASE help me

Carlito Brigante: thanks buddy

Alex Carrington: This is the best way. Trust me. I spent 2 hours trying with torches and everything i could try. I purchased the turbo socket set and in 1 min of trying it was off. With ease! Lol I didn't even have to use a breaker bar.

Tim R: I use one of these from Harbor Freight yesterday and it worked so good I thought I broke the head of the bolt off. Very rounded over10mm bolt on a engine water outlet.

MostlymoparIH: I got a set for lug nuts when I was working on a tow truck but I never had to use them always got the lug nuts off. I did use them when the customer had lost the socket for their lock lug nuts. They work great. TFS

James Butera: they're crap they don't work. I wasted 31.00 on a set it just strips it further..don't buy it

The Car Doctor: I have been meaning to grab a set of those. Thanks for the video sir!

Ray Corn: Thanks for the video. These are  going to by added to my tool box!!

DUGZY BONEZ: Sweet dude just ran into a problem with my huffy bike my front tire nuts are stripped .I ended up with a flatwith a tree cork on my tire.So tried taking it out with vice grip and wrench no good!! :-) but when I typed in how to take out stripped screws or some thing it fell on your page :-) but u explain it simple indeed :-) great tool to have did not have one but now I well :-)

Naziyr Ruwack: Thank you for this video. I stripped the bolt attempting to take off my EGR valve. I bought some Dura-Grip sockets, but they didn't work.
I'll look for these turbo sockets
Removing a rounded bolt or nut 5 out of 5

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Removing a rounded bolt or nut