Removing A Rounded Bolt Or Nut

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Removing a rounded bolt or nut
Removing a rounded bolt or nut
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Removing a stripped nut or bolt
How to remove a stripped bolt or nut easily
How to remove a stripped bolt or nut easily
How to Remove a Stripped Bolt or Nut in a Tight Spot
How to Remove a Stripped Bolt or Nut in a Tight Spot
How to Remove Rounded Nuts and Bolts. Go2 Socket Review
How to Remove Rounded Nuts and Bolts. Go2 Socket Review

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BORFU: I almost completed a full front brake job. I worked for over 4 hours trying to remove one last bolt from my caliper bracket so I can replace my rotor. I tried vice grips, sockets, ratchets, spraying liquid wrench on it, heating it, and I even went to Home Depot to buy an expensive impact wrench. Nothing worked. I guess the jerkoff that tightened this thought it would be funny before selling it. Tomorrow, I'm going to return that crap to Home Depot and head over to Auto Zone to buy this item. Everyone is giving it good reviews, even on the Autozone site.

Brett Vest: Will these work on lefthand nut and bolt?

Josh Trevino: Will this work on a rounded/shaved header bolt

4nuk8r: I never use EZouts because they spread whats left of the bolt in the threads and lock it tighter. Just grind it flat and center punch it EXACTLY on center and then keep drilling bigger sizes until there is just a wire left in the threads that can be unscrewed/peeled-out. It's super nice to use left-hand rotation drill bits because it MAY just spin the bolt out (but don't count on it). Rounded bolt heads : If you got a hammer beat a nice mushroom on the head and then beat a tough (black impact) socket over it. If it's in aluminum, use a big ass oxy-acetylene torch to head the head FAST, mushroom it, and then FAST cool it with water, beer, piss, etc. "A penny saved is a penny earned" - don't buy special tools when regular ones will do, because then special ones cost money to buy, to safeguard from "borrowing" or theft, and to pay for the space they take up in toolbox/shop/truck. You are welcome.

Christopher Rowe: Nice, thank you

jusride7: Aloha! First time I ever seen these boys! Heading to Sears!

Shelley Prince: Turbo Sockets-no kidding. A great idea. Thanks for the tip!

john strong: Nice I didn't know these existed I should have no problem with my nuts from now on

Amanda Glenn: What is the name of set exactly please

Journeyman: Great tool and informative video, I'm going to buy a set of these ASAP! Thumbs up!

dark chocolate: Will it work on Torx heads????

I rounded out my Cylinder head bolts, with some crappy universal sockets I got at O'Reilly. Marker, PowerTorques.

Hopefully I can get them loose so I can continue with my head gasket replacement next.

Jeffrey S: I tried vice grips but they didn't work

Hellokinni: Easy to get in USA but ... Canadian stores suck.

Slick Willy: Didnt work for me. Bolt is rounded out and tried it but it seems like its just getting rounded out more lol maybe im not doing it right

t dub: My o2 sensor seized up, and rounded badly. I think it requires 7/8 socket to get it off, but all I see available are smaller sizes. Does anyone know where they sells bigger turbo sockets sizes or does harbor freight 22$ set good for 7/8 size

Daniel H.: Cool, I need something like this. Thanks for the vid !

Aldo Avanto: Whoo hoo!! Thank you Sir. Exactly what I need.  I'm working on a used Grand Cherokee I bought and wouldn't you know it, I found a bolt that the socket just slips, but this will work for me.  Thanks a million!

Jerry Gaucin: Thanks, i'm fixing my kids bike and I can't remove the nut, it's driving me nuts!!

Thomas Dowd: Yeah I got one rounded off on the bottom of a vas tank so torching it aint an option for me lol

Fake Man: Thanks man, Nice video.
Removing a rounded bolt or nut 5 out of 5

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Removing a rounded bolt or nut