How To Shovel Snow With A Home Made Push Plow

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Romaine Athey: Awesome solutions for wooden project is Woodprix.

EricdaRED95: It you can just by one of those extra wide shovels....

george recor: Love the enthusiasm !!! This is a great idea! To the nay Sayers...Even if it doesn't work in wet heavy snow, it's amazing for regular snow and it costs 5 bux! 100% worth while

Bill D: can't wait to try that on 12 inches of wet snow.

Keli Weisgerber: i made it too. just used woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that website :)))

Williams gaming: how did you make it.

Citex And weapons: Now his wife is going to come out and wonder why only 20 feet of the driveway is shoveled

Ethan Fecteau: junk

Antonetta Kowalewski: I checked a lot of woodworking handbooks. Those from woodprix are the best.

hunter 01 Rev: cool vid bro love your vid

bai long: sound good , I am getting to old be out in the cold too long.

Creeperhead Gaming: If it is that is east why didn't you do your hole drive way

John clemons: thats very awesome

UKBB: Doesn't really get down to the pavement though like a shovel will.

Micscience: I would have finished and had and had a cleaner drive way with a regular shovel. The problem with plows are they push snow and don't actually clean the snow up to the concrete

ty bing: WOW..........................that was terrible u say that people can go out and make extra money if i used this on my customers with the snow it leaves behind i would be replaced before i was done the job

Jacob Hargrave: this guy is a freaking quack

dalesworld: He knows of what he speaks. I grabbed a 30 inch wide 'shovel' that was shaped and angled like a snowplow at a yard sale on a whim. I used it for our first two snowfalls this year, about 3 inches of powder and I did the driveway in 15 minutes when it used to take over an hour of working in a stooped position.

Robert King: Do yo have push and pull it all the time or can you pull and push it as well?

sneak a peek: awesome!
How to Shovel Snow with a Home Made Push Plow 5 out of 5

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How to Shovel Snow with a Home Made Push Plow