How To Cover A Cornice Board W/ Fabric - HIP Chicks Part 2

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Tracey Snyder: I would also like to see how to attach to wall.

Jani King: thank you very much that is just what I was looking for.

Fleurettes Doshier: When you finish adding front material, what color for back of cornice do you use? White or black? Can you just put same material in back as front? Can you make a video on how to tuck the back material in? Thanks.

143mariyam: Hi . your tutorial was the only one which was so helpful. I really want to mount an L shaped curved cornice board with fabric as I have a L shaped window. Can I know how I can do a L shaped curved cornice board? ( it has to be curved at the corner than straight. Thank youuu...

telosfd: Really perfect job.Can I ask if you have a relationship with Jennifer Aniston !!!!!!!

Linda Baglio: How would I do this using more than 1 fabric? I want to use 2 fabrics on my cornice and add welting in between the 2 fabrics...If I staple each one individually I will see a dent from pressing in the

Gift Wrapping Academy Neelam Meetcha (UK's Gift Wrapping Expert): Thanks for sharing, lovely

It's In The Show: Making and installing one today! Thanks for your help!

DIYHIPChicks: Jim. When covering tricky spots - corners & v's, you need to staple fabric as close as you can go to the curve keeping it taut on front. In area of curve you have to make V cuts into excess fabric that folds over back, allowing to to bend. Cut V's every 1/2 inch along length of this area, don't let cuts wrap around to front & "play" with fabric. Fold it over and staple as you much as u can to keep it smooth. You may need to make cuts every1/4 inch. Staple often and take ur time. Any more?, lmk

Jim Repp: Where can I see an explaination of wrapping fabric around tight concave corners or "v"s.

DIYHIPChicks: Thanks for feedback maryshome8 I am developing more detailed advanced videos that will have more complicated steps in it. I wilt be sure to include that plus cording and other details. Happy DIY ing

DIYHIPChicks: I am working on more Home decor videos and DIY window treatments. Sorry I don't have it ready for you yet.

maryshome8: This would actually be a perfect video, other than the fact that the most difficult part of the project was to wrap the curved portion.

DIYHIPChicks: HI I do not have a piping video yet. I will add it to my list. I do sew my piping. It is possible to use a stitch witchery iron on-tape but not sure how easy that would be be with small strip of fabric. Sewing is a simple straight stitich if you have access to a machine. More videos coming soon if you wish to subscribe. Thanks for watching ;)

Jai Nel: I meant do you have a video on using piping for the cornice?

Jai Nel: I am trying to replace my cornice, I know I can do it but do you have a video on the cording for the cornice? I love that finishing trim. (no sew if possible thanks).

DIYHIPChicks: how much space is there between molding and ceiling??

DIYHIPChicks: How much you cover depends on taste, high of cornice itself and this consideration: You don't want it to sit too high on the window that you see the horizontal top edge of the window itself or the molding.

llittlef: ps- How much of the window would you cover with the box?

llittlef: I would like to do this on my front room window, all the way to the ceiling, (which is 8ft high). The ceiling is sloped upward from the wall, however. Would you make the top of the box square, or make it match the ceiling?? It might be too much trouble to make the slope on the box, but I don't want it to look like a weird gap.
How to Cover a Cornice Board w/ Fabric - HIP Chicks part 2 5 out of 5

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How to Cover a Cornice Board w/ Fabric - HIP Chicks part 2