Beretta Nano Vs Glock 26: Size & Feature Comparison

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James Duprey: So one sided. Notice how he massages or makes love to the glock at the very beginning. Notice how he waitied to have the video until his glock had a decal grip on it, which the nano has available. Notice how he has the pinky extender on the glock magazine and not the 8 round mag the nano comes with. The rest of his rant is near worthless. I have owned the nano for just over as year. it performs flawlessly. It's lightweight. It doesn't snag. I replaced the recoli spring with a stainless spring right after receiving it because I wanted to. I upgraded to night sights.The glock is a pig. Poor for CCW. And you know what? Wait for it.......I sold my glock 26. Wasn't practical for me.

James Jefferson: Your stupid Glock finger extension ruins the height comparison.

pollock56th: Traded the nano in and bought a g26 gen 4 pleased with decision.

June Lewis: Thanks for your review of the Beretta Nano! I was about to pull the trigger on buying this gun, because I have encountered an excellent price on a flat dark earth model. However,  I have heard too many people say they have experienced a ton of ftf. I love Beretta products, but I don't want the hassle of having to send in my gun, as soon as I get it. I have had the Glock 26 for more than ten years, and I have not experienced a single problem with it. Oh well, my search will continue for a more diminutive 9mm. Again, thanks for putting in all of the hard work in helping us, the gun buying community!

craig6t: Hi, you probably know this by now, but the nano tends to like heavy bullets. That's usually the issue with most people.

Bob Jarrett: So the glock worked after you fixed the trigger?
If you want to to do apples to apples, compare the PX4 subcompact not the Nano.

thegame1881: Great vid!! I love the nano, unfortunately it cannot be purchased in the wonderful state of California...

chad washington: Hey chad "CR REVIEWS" how is the nano running now? Also what grain ammo where you using in this video? I own both guns as well I like them both just depends on how I feel on carrying that day.

DesporadoAZOne: Nice comparison. I've been thinking about buying the Glock 26 and this pushes me in that direction. I may buy the Nano too and keep it in my vehicle in my Get Home bag.

Christopher Morris: I'd love to see these sub compacts in full auto just for craps 'n giggles. Lol

Christopher Morris: I know things go up in price over time, but when it comes to guns, it's ridiculous. I paid just over $500 for my NIB 92FS. Even though it was almost 20yrs ago, I think I got a bargain compared to what I would pay for Glock 26 these days. I know I'm paying more for concealability, but damn, I don't want to pay that much more. Yeah, I'm cheap. Lol Govt intrusions into our 2nd amendment rights doesn't help in keeping those prices down either.

ferdie fox: Only a dipcrap would argue that 10 rnds of 9mm are overkill, will be an 'execution' etc then fully approve of 6+1. If you were suckered into buying the pos nano just admit it and stop making crap up off the top of your head little nano bitch. Your pistol cant handle 115 gr or is it 124 gr? Basically its a underengineered pos that jams. Truth bitch

funa mota: No one like s over pay in California glock cost $550 to $627 gen 3 s

taylornutt: I had 6 FTEs in the first 150 rounds with my Nano. Switched to 124 grain and the FTEs went away. These Nanos need to be broken in properly. If you shoot 124 grain while breaking it in, I think 115 grain will eventually be okay. Most Defensive ammo is 124 grain so it's not a big deal. The Nano was originally designed as a .40 SW, so the heavier slide and spring make it a little tight at first. When I called Beretta, they recommended using the 124 grain ammo in the Nano

X-Ray Crystallography: @6:39, "It's going to hinder you b/c you just don't have that mag capacity"...#1) Realistically, how does having 6+1 hinder you when the vast majority of lethal-force confrontations are just one shot??...#2) Firing more than one shot dramatically hinders your legal defense (if you achieved incapacitation @ 1st shot, as prosecution argues, any shot after that is considered an execution)...So, if anything, those extra rounds hinder you, on many different levels.

king troy: Sold my nano 15 malfunctions multiple amo bought a glock 26 flawlesss thus far 500 rounds and counting

Mr_Kristof: Did you ever get the issue resolved with the Nano?

Bevin Chu: Good review. Many who post gun reviews on YouTube are too lazy to script out what they intend to say. They turn the camera on then ramble on aimlessly. You didn't do that. As a result, you provided viewers with an informative and entertaining comparison of the two subcompact pistols.

eleuthros: Glock runs flawless....shocker! I keep trying to find a reliable pocket gun that doesn't say Glock on the side, perhaps I should just accept the fact that their guns are superior... I have three already, guess I'll make it 4 soon.

Jason Hamilton: I love my Beretta M9. It is for sure my favorite pistol but im glad with my choice with my Glock 26 over the nano for ccw. Reliability is the number one concern when picking my ccw. I do wish I could find a good way to carry my M9 but it is so darn heavy.
Beretta Nano vs Glock 26: Size & Feature Comparison 5 out of 5

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Beretta Nano vs Glock 26: Size & Feature Comparison