The Stonebrook - Manufactured Home By Champion Home Builders

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chuck Core: the only thing that bothers me about homes like this are the prices. yes they super nice and id love to have one but when they are more expensive that a stick built home that just defeats the purpose of buying one. why would i spend $130,000 on a modular home, then have to find the property to put it on then get everything secure, electric, septic ect. when i can just buy a home with land and everything already set up for probably cheaper. these homes need to go down in price dramatically. i would pay $80,000 for this one max. so listen to me champion homes and modular home and mobile home manufactures...make them cheaper! i know somebody on the inside of a large modular home manufacturing company that tells me they cost around $9000 to make one of these..yes you heard right $9000!! and look how much they are selling them for!!! cause they buy materials in bulk and get a discount. the price gauging needs to stop now! im ready to expose these companies for the greedy bastards that they are.

EvangelineHomeCenter: Glad to be a "Champion Dealer", from Evangeline Home Center, in Carencro, Louisiana. Evangelinehomecenter/com

bamaboi2013: do yall build modular homes also

Alana Lewis: Champion does build the modular series of homes; Note the Champion Extreme makeover video. American Homes Rockwall, TX

SuperKendall100: That home looked very cozy and well built.
The Stonebrook - Manufactured Home by Champion Home Builders 4.5 out of 5

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The Stonebrook - Manufactured Home by Champion Home Builders