Quality Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater DIY

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glumpy10: BEST DIY heater on Youtube and anywhere else I have ever seen! The automation is simple yet effective and makes the heater entirely practical and useful. It's one thing to get some oil to burn in the backyard, it's quite another to put the energy to good practical use where the heat can do some good. This thing is clean, effective safe and practical. A person would pay many thousands to get anything as effective in a commercial unit and then I think still have more maintenance and issues. I also love the fact you have fans on the thing to maximise the output and utilise some of the heat from the flue. Very few people pay any attention to all the heat going straight out there and do anything to utilise it. You seem to have thought of everything with this setup. One thing that may make the burner a little quieter is to use a blower from something like a VW Kombi. They are 12V and would blow plenty of air for your needs and are basically silent. There are other blowers from other cars as well you could use if you had any interest in making the thing any quieter that is. I kind of get the impression you are quite partial to the old faithful smog pump you have now though! :0) Brilliant job, I think this heater is definitely the Benchmark for all DIY heaters. 

ShawnCFarm: Love it, might have to try this

Dunkirk NewYork: Awesome

BMAC VAGS: That is nice work

Kntryhart: Impressive! Thanks for posting!!

HappyScrappy47: Wow man, if I was half smart enough I would attempt this, but it's above my head :) nice work! Like!!

Scott L: 2jeffs, NASA called, they are short a rocket scientist.... Great design. On average, how many gallons oil does your design use? What is your average daily high and low temps when you have this fired up?

Freddie Dan: freaking awesome nice job

John Parker: Gave you a like! Amazing work.

Jerry Knitter: Thanks Jeff for sharing this. It is going to be our spring project this year because trying to heat a 60 x 60 truss roof building with propane is futile! I just have 1 question the hub in the center of the pot is height and diameter critical? I am assuming it is stainless steel as the pot is.

lineman1954: outstanding work !

ushillbillies: Lots of great ideas...I need to see your air pump...I have built a couple before for comperssed air ...but they were hard on compressors..

D eez: This is great but I need something more simple and use no electricity. (unless stove can create electricity)

Inspironator: Liked and subscribed! I can see how a manual setup is possible, but an automated setup like you show is so much nicer. I am amazed how clean the glass remains. You've got a really nice setup with all the precautions -- just add an oil tank full sensor/light/buzzer and you'll likely never need the oil overflow trough upstairs, but you probably have enough capacity up there to last 18 mo. of oil collection. Awesome!

bos dad: This is what youtube should be all about. sharing idea's and design's that help others. I have one question, can the smog pump be replaced by a simple blower ? also, the 12v solenoid can be found on eBay for about 12.00

William Ward: Hi wonderful design you mentioned the age of the stove it looks brand new. Please provide make and model. Also, do you know what the inside temp. is? I am wondering if it could spin a vane in the summer that would be attached to a generator. Again your design is wonderful. What are the storage tanks? Looks like you got everything covered. Oh, nice restored gas pump in the background your shop is spotless...

Phil Galati: Very Very nice

Steven Carter: Neet

Brad hoffman: if you want more heat...and no i am not joking,...put the firepan in a pan with water...will increase heat output massively 

Rex Morgan: Fantastic work. I wish I had the skill set to put this together. This is a sweet rig. Thermostat controlled, timers, relays, fault lights, pumps, fail safes. Great work dude.

Dan Murphy: I see your thermostat is reducing the oil by the solenoid are you also slowing down your air supply? Not quite getting what your putting down.. Is the the smog pump for high pressure low volume air? Just wondering, nice vid Murf!

froggermtw1: You are a brilliant human being!

radstorm: Awesome stove Jeff. You mentioned per season about 5 gallons of oil? How long would a season be? How many btu do you think it puts out, or have you ever measured that? Regardless thanks for being generous about sharing this with others :)

gregory nelson: Jeff- That was a great video and a super cool idea. Wow- you said that you have plans for this, right? I would love to do a build like this, too. How can I get a copy of them? I look forward to starting this.

Daniel Chisler: real sweet mate .I use resturant oil in my oil burner but it is a hobby and takes patience to opperate.....

Anthony Sozio: Wow man! As an engineering student this was alot of fun to watch!

Shai Hulud: nice thingy you got there, so you're telling me you heat your house like this ? Here in France everybody pay gas or electricity to do so :o

Janus Zwart: Stunning system

William Weesner: whew, that is a finished product there my friend. the time invested is obvious..

Nuvadauba numele: Very interesting design, congrats! I was wondering, how much oil does it consumes? Thank you, all the best!

Ronald Cassner: one more question jeff can you use solid or does it have to be hollow center pc. in center of pot to burn right.

Orlando Pereira: Where in Canada are you using it and does it heat your shop well? how big is your shop?

Sampo Jokimäki: Wow this is a really nice DIY-setup!

Jason Hess: 12:53 "I have a ton of time in perfecting this, this is all my origional design" I cant spell either but much respect at a finly crafted furnace 

SecurityisaMyth: Thank you for taking the time to make this video. What a great job- you've got me interested now.

Tcmtech: Thanks. I try to actually give helpful info opposed to just idiotically troll a guy to make myself feel important. 

1RogerRoger1: I'm very impressed. Very clever design. Artfully executed. Skillfully presented and explained. You've given me a lot to consider. Thanks!

Sharethegospel1two1: I really liked this video, Thanks for sharing. 

amc75matador: This is pretty neat setup, thanks for sharing

Cmoa Bob: Jeepers, that is truly impressive! Dang, people like you make me realize just how lazy the rest of us become and how much we depend on gizmos other people think up while we just happily pay through the nose. Your pioneering spirit and self-reliance are something you should be proud of; and thanks for sharing!

Bryan J. Smith: Very cool...uh...hot!

Niels M. Christensen: Niece to see, effektiv and cheap .

Jim's How-to Videos: very good video, your one smart dude.

Terry Schramm: Great video, thank u, nice job

Dave Reinhardt: This was nice. I liked your set up and liked this video. Now I need to build one.

Mark Loring: Dude, you are amazing!. Nice job!. Thanks for the video.

nezar sweiti: It is relay nice job, design is great , think it is the most efficient design of waist oil stove ever seen on YouTube. So clean around.

Nancy King: I'm getting mine together thanks for your help. Another question-- my old system used 1/4 pipe is this the same for you? Will 3/8 help at all? Thanks

PleasantSuprise: Jeff, Nice heater! Would you know well would this work with WVO(Waste Vegetable Oil)? 

2Shotz1Kill: I subbed i love your channel :)
Quality Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater DIY 5 out of 5

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Quality Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater DIY