Quality Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater DIY

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OSSBanshee: Hi there Jeff. I was curious, why did you go with 12V? I thought about using a 120vAC solenoid Instead of getting a 120vAc to 12vDC converter.

Rob M: Sweet Jeff, Thanks for sharing and educating. Youtubers posting videos should take a notes on this video and how to do one. You sounded  nonchalant on the whole operation and then I see what you wrote on what lead to it. Smart guy going smart work. I'll have to take notes and re watch several times to get it down. Thanks again.

TheBlackzodiac76: Very impressive setup! Well thought out and great walk through explanation! This will be my go to video when i build mine this summer. Thanks so much for publicly sharing!! MUCH APPRECIATED

Arrow to the Knee: Excellent. How about using a electric charcoal lighter from a barbeque grill?

JOGO: Excellent, thanks for sharing! Do you have to keep an eye on it while using it ? Also can you keep it on around the clock? Does it have to be shut down after a certain amount of hours? 

Raheel Ahmad: its good

MalawisLilleKanal: Some rockwool in that garbage-can upstairs would make it even more silent and add even more security against both fire and shrapnel in case of a failure.

Richard Gunick: Looks like a great setup. If I build this without any electric parts, do you think the pipe going down thru the bottom of the firebox will be needed for additional airflow? I have a very similar stove with a bottom damper/air control. Also have you ever tried vegetable oil in this stove? Do you find it is more efficient with the smog pump pulsing air to the fire? Thanks for a great video and a clear explanation of your system!

jamesdelab1: your work is impeccable .  I shared your video and gave you a well deserved like.

thanks for the part numbers,I doubt I could build that,  but how long did it take you to put together so perfect

jamesdelab1: dude you are amaing

steve lecain: juist wanted to say I have watched you video on that stove with the control you built probably 20 times and I'm not done yet..lol..so your views are going to go higher due to my views alone..lol..your explanation is right on the money...no black box...no smoke and mirrors, love it. will be watching for a lot more of your videos.

steve lecain: I will have the stove outside my garage in a cement block vault, for lack of a better word.I'll run my electrical and my oil in an insulated 6" tube to the furnace and have a heat trace wire on my oil line for cold starts although the plan is to run continuous all winter, I have a great supply of oil from a local garage for free.the water lines will also run within that insulated tube.I will post pics when I do it as well as a full electrical diagram using the flame out sensor, just a hint here you can use a photo resistor from an old dark sensor control from an outdoor light,,,

Yrii.61 Teplov: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f58fcUxvSQ0 Моё работает так ! Юрий.

steve lecain: no I plan to take a 60 foot coil of 1/2" copper tubing and making a cavity above the actual fire box to place it and then pipe it in my garage using a radiator and fan to distribute heat..I plan on building an control system similar to yours adding flame out control in case the fire went out and it was still feeding oil, easy to do using an light sensitive resistor like a fire-eye,,,no flame, no fuel..because I would like to run it constantly all winter, plan on putting it outside in a cement vault with a metal door and of course proper ventilation.that way avoiding and problems with the insurance company.

steve lecain: it certainly is, I build a lot of projects myself including a tractor couple of years ago and the hardest ones are the ones more worth it..take care man and keep them coming..
here in Nova Scotia Canada we wouldn't be allowed to use a homemade heating device but I am thinking putting one in a cement building outside my garage and piping glycol through it and a radiator with a fan..my shop is 24 ft x 36 ft so a fair shop to heat but the oil would all be free so I am going to try it for sure..

steve lecain: your videos are awesome, your explanations on point and I am definitely building one of these units,,,love your stuff.

Ray Neubauer: very nice video! Extremely informative

joe blow: love them yankees!   nice job......my girlfriend is from michigan....great folks

Cassie Cox: genius!!!

Randy Seibert: I've been looking at oil burning for some time but the conventional drip oil burners up here wont just run . so this will help out thanks.
Quality Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater DIY 5 out of 5

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Quality Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater DIY