Quality Homemade Waste Oil Heater For Daily Use DIY

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Zack Johnson: That is an impressive setup!

kodi guy: can you put a heat reclaimer

shawn I: Hey, I started using a smog pump on my homemade oil burner after my first design gave me low temps and lots of soot . Set up an 87 caddy smog pump last night! Your right! it makes more air than i can use. even diverting 1/2 the air I can get the stove to glow! Anyway, You mentioned something about the screws on the back of your pump but didn't go into detail, Can you clear that up when you get a moment? Thanks!

junkman6261: Are you selling any build instructions for this? Nice working unit!!

zoticus1: You should have worked for nasa man!

Tom McBride: How can I get a copy of the plans?

Ron Varner: Do you have plans for this that I can download pdf

Kevin Watts: Very clean well thought out design ,impressed on how you utililized different parts from the industry,oh ya and a positive attitude rounds off this video,well done.

Sidney Mathious: I don't think that I could build one of those without a diagram, but it is a good idea to save money on heating the home. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

Paul Whited: Awesome complete build and directions which is well appreciated. Thank you very much.

Wo Kr: Great job - greetings from Austria.

Tom Brown: Extremely nice. Thank you. (y)

Jeff Drury: Third time watching .. and still awesome... thank you...it has been enlightening as always... Madis

Jeff Johnson: would love to get my hand's on your plan's,.. have been doing some resurching on this threw other's design's and improvement's,.. but so far your's in more practical,.. and and have some Idea's of my own,.. would love to corperate,.. as of yet not built my first one,.. just resurching and when am ready will press to achavement,.. thank you for shareing this,.. I am thoughly impressed,... fill free to contact me,.. your new friend Jeff,.. ;)

Bruce Richter: like

Miguel S: Ingeniuity at its best.

computersshot: +2jeffs1 Nice video.

Kevin Daye: Hate to keep bothering you, but do you know what RPM your running the smog pump at ?

Kirsten Gabriels: Hey Jeff, great clips ! We'll soon be done renovating our 1880 house here in Belgium and finaly i'll be having a little shop to tinker on my cars / bikes. I've been racking my brain on how to heat it as to save cost i did not plumb it in to the house's central heating system. I have a great cast iron woodstove , thing weighs about 400 lb's but i didn't link it to me having to pay to get rid of my waste oil.

Thanks a million !

Btw, are you the guy from the guild of automotive restorers ?
Quality Homemade Waste Oil Heater for Daily Use DIY 5 out of 5

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Quality Homemade Waste Oil Heater for Daily Use DIY