Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater For Daily Use DIY

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Alejandro Imass: Beautiful man! Great Job!

Jod Bronson: I have a question for you... We recently got 4 / 55 Gallons of Free Oil, but some have Water in them and some are really Sluggish :///. Any tips on how to Filter them? Thank in advanced !!!

dasss me: farm boy engineering- AMAZING- how you worked it all out-down to automatic heat sensor on the fans to circulate the air- your attention to the details--AMAZING good video

STIK977: nice one. I will make one, thanks mate.

euclon1: Good video! I don't heat with oil but I really enjoyed watching this. You're very good at explaining things. Jerry :)

Mark Osborne: Fantastic. I've been dripping oil into my Rocket Stove now for a few years, works good. I have one question. Do you notice any rust on the roof of your building or on the ground /concrete next to the building ? .... I ask because in the spring I have to spray down the building and concrete with muratic acid- I'm thinking it's the metals in the waste oil that get carried out with the exhaust stream

Jod Bronson: A lot of SAFETY, I like it :D... Functional and useful for sure. Oh, by the way, a 12V DC Solenoid can be used from a Lawn Mower Part.  I am going to make one soon... Although I will keep it simple, but I will use a Cheap Solenoid just for Safety Purposes.

Tahir Rana: @2.53 Gravity is just a Theory, Newton was a Freemason and they think they are illuminated with knowledge. The Jew deceives the goyim and entertains him with Hollywood and gambling!

Raven4122: nice but then again using electric to run compressor.

obomikey: Genius!

Jerry Enebak: I am really impressed with this system and how cheap it can be built. I'm thinking of how to make it look a little more cosmetically appealing with some shields or some thing so it could be used in the house. Put one supply tank right on the outside in an enclosure with the air pump etc. Inside all you would have is the Thermostat and small control panel somewhere. Thanks for sharing it with us.

c5back9: How are you able to figure all these amazing things out?

Kevin Bowen: This is so cool! Do you sell the plans for greater detail

Christian Watson: I've been watching you're video for years now and convinced my boss to let me convert our shop stove to waist oil about 3 years ago. was really inspired by your setup, i did not do an elaborate build like yours only a 5 gallon bucket some copper tubing and black pipe and a pot, worked great until our 3,000 dollar Ingersollrand motor went. So now I took a page out of your book with the smog pump and 1/4hp motor. this route will definitely save the wear and tear on the compressor. Thanks for the great video and all your hard work.

Fred Colvell: Hi 2jeffs1, Great project, could I get a little more information on the gauge in the Red box. Thanks for all the hard work you've done , and thanks for Sharing it with us.

rabbycacker: I've watched a lot of these videos on waste oil burning and of all of them yours is the most well thought out, cleanest and safest set up.
Really liked the upside down sediment bulb as a drip monitor and the smog pump for air and the electric controls with thermal limit on the flue.
Nice job on the presentation.
Thank you.

TheMissingnut: hello, great stove design. I have built this works great and i added 2 features to allow it run unattended. I put a solenoid valve on the main line oil feed. this will be turned off to stop oil flow under 2 conditions : 1 in the tray under the stove where overflow oil is collected i put a sensor which when it senses oil ir will shot off the valve and second is where the temperature of the stove exceeds a pre determined temperature,,,

eddie bowens: great job

pluk de dag: good inpression, tnx.

enyha: At first sight looks complex, but for safe running- this is the one to go for. Plus most of the parts can be sourced from re-cycle or scrap.
Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater for Daily Use DIY 5 out of 5

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Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater for Daily Use DIY